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All in a Tuft Of Hair - Latest DNA Cryptid Proof
All in a Tuft Of Hair - Latest DNA Cryptid Proof
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The recent find of Yeti hair, two of them 33mm and 43mm long, from India that were taken to England has caused a lot of discussion.

The hairs were found in Goro Hils in the North eastern region of India.

This region is heavily forested and could readily support some form of hominid.

The creature was additionally observed in the area over 3 consecutive days in 2003.


The initial examination of the hair has turned up indecisive results, with the hair being labelled as coming from no known animal.

The hair evidently has a similar cuticle pattern to the hairs Sir Edmund Hillary brought back to England in 1960. These examples were from an alleged Yeti scalp that Sir Edmund was allowed to return to England with from a Sherpa Temple in Khumjung Gompa.

The hairs were found to be from a Serow Antelope - Capricornis thar, Sir Edmund knew of this possibility at the time as the scalp was used for ritualistic purposes, but chose to have it tested anyway to shed any doubt.

Further testing will be done on the new specimens, which apparently have a similar cuticle pattern to Sir Edmunds hairs but show dissimilarities.

The hair microscopically shows slight similarities to Human, Orangutan and the Hillary Serow hairs so further investigation has been justified.


Once DNA testing has been completed it will narrow down exactly which species this creature belongs to and what its closet relatives are.

If this does turn out to be some species of ape it will furnish the Holy Grail to substantiating these creatures actually exist.

One cryptid species which was substantiated in this way was the New Zealand Moose; hair samples were DNA investigated and proved these creatures do indeed reside in the Fiordland area in spite of the regions dense bush making visual searches for the animals unachievable.


This is not the only case where DNA is being used in the hunt for a cryptozoological mystery.

Recently, the Centre for Fortean Zoology mounted an expedition to the Karbadino Balkaria in Southern Russia to search for the Almasty.

They have returned with hair, faeces, and possible finger bones, all awaiting DNA examination.


With the use of DNA testing each new sample collected closes the noose on the likelihood that these creatures do actually exist and their official scientific discovery.


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