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New Zealand Cryptozoologist - The Flora of New Zealand very few See

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All in a Tuft Of Hair - Latest DNA Cryptid Proof
Kaiwaka Cat
Is the Yowie a form of Marsupial Ape?
Jaws - NZ Mosasaurs - By Sam Yivano
More On New Zealand Big Cats by Ian Lucas
NZ Giant Lizards (Kumi Lizard)
Laughing Owl
New Zealand Moose
Kawekaweau - The Giant New Zealand Gecko
Sighting Reports
New Sightings and News
Moa- NZ's Big Bird
New Zealand Panther
Manbeastes of New Zealand
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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy. I may also include an explanation of what I like about the site.

This site provides comprehensive news on what is new on the crypto zoological scene worldwide.


This is a link to my other website about UFOs.

This is a link to New Zealand's largest UFO Investigation Group.




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