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New Zealand Cryptozoologist - The Flora of New Zealand very few See

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All in a Tuft Of Hair - Latest DNA Cryptid Proof
Kaiwaka Cat
Is the Yowie a form of Marsupial Ape?
Jaws - NZ Mosasaurs - By Sam Yivano
More On New Zealand Big Cats by Ian Lucas
NZ Giant Lizards (Kumi Lizard)
Laughing Owl
New Zealand Moose
Kawekaweau - The Giant New Zealand Gecko
Sighting Reports
New Sightings and News
Moa- NZ's Big Bird
New Zealand Panther
Manbeastes of New Zealand
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If you have a sighting to report or any information that may be helpful to research on these inenigmatic creatures please email me the details.
Just click cryptoinvestigation below
and put Crypto infromation in the subject line.
Please inculude a way to contact you again
Please also realise to throughly research often takes time, so it may take a while to contact you again but your information is important and not forgotten.
With thanks
Tony Lucas


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